Two Second Abs

The Fastest and Most Convenient
Abdominal and Core Workout on the Planet

How to build powerful abs and core in just 1 to 2 seconds while standing, sitting or even while at work without any exercise equipment. Total workout takes about 30 seconds for the day.

You've got an extra 30-seconds right?

Not only does it give you ripped abs that are incredibly strong in 1/60th the time of doing a typical 30 minute situp or crunches workout...

Roger Haeske - The Eternal Teanajer - At the Beach in San Carlos, Mexico

..."2-Second Abs" actually spot reduces your waist while improving digestion, eliminating constipation and (MAY*) help with urinary incontinence. 

I like 2 second abs way better than regular isometric abs exercises. They're right up there with Supermans and Ironmans, but better cuz they don't require laying down.

Grace Thompson

"I am blown away at how well it works the entire core"

I just want to let you know that I just tried 2 second abs a couple days ago as part of the Superbeing membership, and I am blown away at how well it works the entire core.  When I read it initially, it seemed way too easy to actually work, I basically dismissed it without giving it a fair trial.  

Then, 2 days ago while I was walking, I decided for some reason to see if it would work.  I did it about 15 times for 2-4 seconds, not even thinking it would do anything substantial.  I mean, I'm used to doing 1 hour insanity workouts and hardcore lifting, along with the pushup blaster and LSFP.  Very rarely do I get muscle soreness for more than a day or two, and it's usually only if I neglect a specific muscle group.  i do a 10 minute abs workout once a week, and they are never sore.  These are also the hardcore ab workouts from various Beach body programs.     I've also used an ab roller (really tough!) and can normally do over 100 of these.  The only reason I stopped that one was due to the back pain I would eventually get from all the reps.  And that exercise did not get the obliques even close to the same level as the main ab muscles.

Getting back to this mind-blowingly simple exercise, I did it at night while walking, well after my workout.  Not expecting anything, the next day I noticed my entire core, all the way around, was noticeably sore.  I did not do any other ab exercise, the main workout I did that day was pushups and plyometrics, which never did serious soreness to my core.  Now today, 2 days later, it's still sore!  Not too sore to function, but like I did a very solid ab workout.  This is definitely going into the regular rotation for me at least 3 days a week now, seeing how easy it really is.  

I know by using all of your products in the past that I should not be surprised by how well it works after 10 years, but I can honestly say that about the 2 second Abs workout.  I can definitely see people complaining about paying money for this due to how simple it is.  But there really is value to how well it works, and if you didn't come up with it before, it is information well worth it.  fortunately I am a Superbeing member, or I may not have even considered it.   Knowing how well it works now, I would say it's Absolutely worth paying for, just in the time savings, not to mention the overall lack of toll on the body.  Low back and neck pain will not happen, yet you will get the same results.   Excellent product, Roger!

I absolutely allow you to use this for any endorsements and/or testimonials regarding this product, Have a great day!

Jake Wall

"it's quick, easy, non-intrusive of your schedule and seems to engage the whole core as a single unit instead of isolating individual muscles."

Hi Roger,

Loving the "2-Second Abs"!

I used to do the "FBSF" years ago, but found I could never get to full intensity cos I was so focused on making sure all the different parts were happening at the same time. Two Second Abs are way simpler though, and I can easily get full intensity now.

Also, I never felt any effects the day after doing the FBSF', whereas these Two Second Abs... I feel it the next day without a doubt... all the way round too... feeling it in my core muscles... and not just at the front, but the lower back muscles too.

I like the fact that it seems to be bringing my entire core muscles (back and front) together as one unit, without having to bend at the back and cause more damage to my herniated discs. That's my favourite part as I have lower back problems and have trouble finding ways to strengthen it without doing more damage to the discs.

And it's great to be able to work on my core while just going about my daily job. Finally feeling a bit of support around my core area instead of feeling like a walking sack of potatoes.

I would definitely recommend "Two Second Abs", it's quick, easy, non-intrusive of your schedule and seems to engage the whole core as a single unit instead of isolating individual muscles.

Anyway, thanks Roger.

I love your work!

Ben Rudge

P.S. I also experience a nice feeling of well-being after doing 2SA's which I reckon is due the blood being extra oxygenated from the extra pressure in the lungs. Just a theory though.

What You're Getting

1. A short instructional & downloadable mp4 video
(about 10-minutes long)

2. Detailed written instructions in PDF file format.

Special Bonus Gift

The Goal Accelerator System - Written PDF File - $20.00 Value

"How to Reach Your Fitness & Fat Loss Goals in Half the Time"

This special report can change your life.

It’s super powerful in the results it can get for you. Yet it’s an incredibly simple idea. And even though most people kind of know this. Almost no one actually does it.

I guarantee this simple idea will turbo charge your ability to quickly reach your fitness, weight loss and business goals.

It’s a simple way to get focused and motivated to achieve just about any goal. The key is that it has to be a goal you know how to achieve. What this does is put the fire in your belly like nothing else you can imagine.

For instance, it improved my son Andrew from being able to do 30 to 40 pushups in just two days. When before he had not been improving at all for over a week even though he had been doing his push-up workouts.

This bonus will be delivered to you via an email about an hour after signing up the "Two Second Abs" customer email list.

Bonus Pack for
Premium Customers Only

1. The "Two Second Abs" Private Members Forum - $100.00 Value

This is where you can ask me any questions related to using 2SA's and get inspired by other members.

I've already posted a bunch of bonus information and customizations related to Two Second Abs in the forum. 

Including a doctor tested way to lower blood pressure when doing "Two Second Abs."

Here's where you can ask me any question you have related to Two Second Abs. If something is not clear to you it will be once you check out the loads of extra fine points and details I've included in the forum.

2. The AB Walker Exercise - MP4 Video File - $20.00 Value

This is a variation of doing "Two Second Abs" that allows you to get a full ab and core workout while you're taking a pleasant walk without anyone even noticing that you're doing an ab and core workout.

In this case the repetitions only take one second to complete. This has got to be the most enjoyable ab and core workout ever. Plus it can also be done while standing, sitting or lying down.

3. The Ab Flab Blaster Video in Digital or Downloadable MP4 Format  - $20.00 Value

Learn a unique way to train any and all sections of your abs while standing up, walking or even sitting down. This includes the harder to train obliques. And as usual with my fitness programs, this ab exercise requires no exercise equipment whatsoever.

I got the idea for this exercise many years ago from my grandfather who was an undefeated Moroccan boxing champion called Kid Medina. It uses the same principle boxers use to build strong abs but with a twist.

This is a great alternative ab exercise to "Two Second Abs" when you feel like doing something different but still effective.

4. The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out - MP3 Audio File - $20.00 Value

  • This is exactly why most people never get 6-pack abs. Even many people who do a lot of ab exercises still don't get 6-pack abs.
  • With this method you can get six pack abs without doing any exercise whatsoever. Hard to believe but absolutely true as you'll learn in this special bonus. I know because I've done it myself and seen it happen to several other people.

Of course, if you use "Two Second Abs" for just 30 seconds a day in addition to this your abs will look even better.

What will I see inside "Two Second Abs"?

Important Note: This product is a digital download.

Two Second Abs


Two Second Abs -
Instructional Video

The Fastest and Most Convenient
Abdominal & Core Workout on the Planet

(MP4 Video valued at $40.00)

Two Second Abs - PDF File
Detailed written instructions of how to do Two Second Abs properly.
(Written PDF file valued at $30.00)

B.O.N.U.S: The Goal Accelerator System - PDF File
How to Reach Your Fitness and Fat Loss Goals in Half the Time!
(Written PDF file valued at $20.00)



Premium B.O.N.U.S. Pack

1. Two Second Abs Forum 
Here you can ask me questions and interact with other members. Plus there are several bonuses in the forum itself.

(Forum membership valued at $100.00)

2. Ab Walker Exercise - MP4 Video
Let's you get a great ab workout simply by taking a fun walk. (Probably*) the most enjoyable ab workout ever devised.
(MP4 video valued at $20.00)

3. The Ab Flab Blaster Video 
Unique system that allows you to train A.L.L. your ab muscles (even obliques) while standing, walking or sitting. 
(MP4 video valued at $20.00)

4. The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out
Crazy but repeatedly proven secret to getting 6-pack abs without exercising one bit.

(MP3 audio valued at $20.00)



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Roger Haeske
The Eternal Teenager

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